The briefest trip to New Zealand’s West Coast

I can’t say I wasn’t warned about the sand flies. I just failed to heed the warnings. Failing to find good multi-day hikes in Mt. Cook or Mt. Aspiring, we decided to cross the Southern Alps, work our way up the West Coast, and visit Arthur’s Pass. As we studied the map, Trevor saw thatContinue reading “The briefest trip to New Zealand’s West Coast”

Rob Roy Glacier and the world’s most remote ice cream

The last place you expect to find ice cream is by the side of a river 30 kilometers down a gravel road. Okay, probably there is at least one ice cream stand further off the beaten path, but still, it was delicious. At the suggestion of a hit at the Department of Conservation Visitor CenterContinue reading “Rob Roy Glacier and the world’s most remote ice cream”

Surprise! Extra Day in Auckland

Original plan: Arrive in Auckland on Thursday night (local time) See Hobbiton on Friday Fly to Christchurch on Saturday. Spend as little time in the city as possible. Actual events: Arrive in Auckland on Wednesday Not realize the date disparity until we get to the hostel at 1 am Find out said hostel has noContinue reading “Surprise! Extra Day in Auckland”

Hustlers in Honolulu

I used to think that I wouldn’t like Hawaii because I prefer mountains to beaches and also crowds annoy me. I was wrong. During our overnight layover, Olivia, Trevor and I had fish tacos, swam at Waikiki Beach, then quickly left the beach because, yeah it’s warm, but not a swimming-at-sunset-with-a-light-breeze sort of warm. #worthit.Continue reading “Hustlers in Honolulu”