Why Hire a Freelancer?

I work with your team to bring your written projects from an idea to a polished, ready-to-use product. This frees you and your employees from having to worry about writing and grammar so that you can instead focus on creating great products and providing excellent customer service. I’ve done everything from one-paragraph product descriptions to 400-page procedures manuals, so whatever the size of your project, I’m excited to help!

I am available for both writing and editing projects. If you have an idea but aren’t sure whether it’s ready for an outside eye, contact me for a consultation. Here are a few examples of projects I can help with:

Standard Operating Procedures and other business-related manuals

Annual newsletters and company summaries

Press releases

Letter templates

Presentation materials (PowerPoints, handouts, etc.)

Calendars & Signs

Applications & Data Collection Forms

Blog Posts

Video scripts

Website copy

Product descriptions

Applications for grants

Subtitles & Scripts for videos

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