Passing Out In First Aid Class

So I guess I’m more squeamish than I thought I was. In preparation for hiking the PCT, I thought, “I should really take a wilderness first aid class.” When I saw that REI was going to have a class a week before I leave, I signed up without hesitation. I would have been better offContinue reading “Passing Out In First Aid Class”

Beaten by the Bearvault

Question: Which bear is best? Is that a ridiculous question? Are there basically two schools of thought? If that’s your answer: Let’s be friends. I always need people to finish my quotes from The Office, otherwise things get kind of awkward. False. The best bear, at least when backpacking, is the one that doesn’t comeContinue reading “Beaten by the Bearvault”

Embarrassment at REI

I’ve spent 4 years obsessing over backpacking gear and planning a future Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike. I’ve been backpacking three times. I’ve read dozens of trail blogs, gear lists, and books of backpacking wisdom. So when I went to REI to jump on the bandwagon of the Osprey Aura AG 65, (the AG stands forContinue reading “Embarrassment at REI”