To New Zealand We Go!!

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in almost every conversation I’ve had for the last two years, but in case you haven’t heard:

We’re going to New Zealand!!

Despite having been planning this since December 31, 2016, I still managed to not finish packing until after 1 in the morning. That meant that my toothpaste and toiletries were thoroughly buried when I went through security. Oops. Anyways, we got through, everyone remembered their passport, and I’m 98% sure we have everything we need for backpacking, so all is well.

Trevor, Olivia, and me at the airport

Published by Andrea Umfleet

Writer, Backpacker, Freelance Technical Editor. Owner of Trask Mountain Editing. I like the Oxford comma.

3 thoughts on “To New Zealand We Go!!

  1. We are glad you are all ready for the trip and by now are on your way. Thank you for the message, and have a great trip. We look forward to hearing about all of you and your adventures! Love to all!! Grandma and Grandpa M!


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