Bealey Spur and some of the best hot chocolate ever

We were so ready for a good hike when we woke up to rainclouds in Arthur’s Pass. We stopped at the DOC visitor center and asked for recommendations.

“Well, you might get some rain if you do Bealey Spur, but you’ll also get some very moody views of the mountains,” the ranger said. “And just remember: if it’s raining there, it’s dumping on us here.”
Moody views, here we come!

It was actually a gorgeous hike. We walked uphill a few hours to an old (so old they don’t even charge you to use it) hut, and were rewarded with nice looks into the Waitomo River Valley. As the ranger explained to us, it’s a braided river, meaning that even though it looks empty to us Oregonians, it’s actually just very young geologically and is as full as it ever gets.

Refreshed with the hike, we returned to the cafe where it was, indeed, dumping rain. We had a lamb and kumara pie (insanely good) and hot chocolate that was served in a regular glass. That seems to be the trend here, and honestly, I kinda love it.

We drove down the mountain spent the night at Mistletoe Flats, grateful that our campervan was keeping us out of the rain.

Published by Andrea Umfleet

Writer, Backpacker, Freelance Technical Editor. Owner of Trask Mountain Editing. I like the Oxford comma.

2 thoughts on “Bealey Spur and some of the best hot chocolate ever

  1. So much Adventure! That is a neat hut and would offer some protection from the rain. We have never heard of Kumara pie, wonder what it has in it? We have something in common as we had rain today, too. There are hints of snow on Sunday and Monday..but at least it will not be -60 as it has been in Chicago and some other places back East. Well, glad all is going well, and look forward to your photos and letters. We also look forward to seeing you in person and hearing of all the adventures! Love and hugs to all!! Grandma and Grandpa M!



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