Scenic Point at Two Medicine

I had yesterday off, so I decided to go to East Glacier. My plan was to leave no later than 8 am, so naturally, I rolled out of West Glacier at around 10:30.

Because of my late start, I figured I’d just make it a scouting trip and see what the area looked like, maybe visit an information center, but definitely no hiking.

DSC02073.JPGMy first stop was at Running Eagle Falls. Pretty neat, and only .3 miles up the trail, so, like, it’s not even a hike.

Running Eagle Falls, near the Two Medicine entrance to Glacier National Park. It’s a super easy walk.

I proceeded to Two Medicine Lake and ate my lunch at a super windy picnic bench, drove to the end of the road, and turned around to go home.

And then I saw a sign that said “Scenic Point.” Which usually is a pullover spot, maybe a short walk, right? I decided to stop and investigate.

By the time I saw the sign that said it was a 3.1 mile hike to the scenic point, I already had my backpack and boots on. I didn’t want to insult them by turning back, and I still had a few hours before I really needed to turn around, so I went up.

It was awesome. The trail followed a creek through a canyon for a bit before taking switchbacks up above the treeline. There was a section of bleached trees that reminded me of Gondor, and views of Two Medicine Lake and the mountains beyond. You could also look east to see the views beyond the Continental Divide.

The view east from the top. Someone was quoting the Lion King here. It was me.


“They guard it because they have hope.”

One of the most fun parts was when I came across a mountain goat. He was eating pine needles near the top of the trail, and continued doing so as I stood a few feet from him for about 5 minutes watching. His neck looked like he’s had a rough spring, but it was still really fun.


I really wanted to make it to the advertised scenic point and figured I was within a few minutes of it, but then I came to a snow patch on a steep scree slope. There were other hikers who had crossed the first portion of it and were clearly trying to decide if they could make the second half without plummeting a half-mile to their doom. I looked at it and thought, “Nah, I like being alive.” Nevertheless, this hike was beautiful the whole way up, and I completely recommend it to anyone looking to kill a few hours in the Two Medicine area.

Not a lot of snow, but enough that I didn’t want to risk it.
My high point for the day. #RiskAssessmentIsStillFun!!

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3 thoughts on “Scenic Point at Two Medicine

  1. Andrea; What an exciting tour. That Mountain goat was not the least concerned about you. Lovely views and country and other hikers around, so must not have been any bears nearby. Nothing new here, except the heat is not here now, I am really glad!! We seen Olivia on Grandpa’s birthday and she brought him his favorite pie.. blueberry; and he has already eaten it!!
    Grandpa had a great birthday, he just does not like being 82 years of age..what can I say? We seen Dustin and Cindy and Lainey yesterday, we had a great visit. We hope all continues to go well and we enjoy your photos. Have a great day! Love and hugs!!Grandma and Grandpa M!


    1. Yay!! I’m glad his birthday was good and that Olivia brought him pie. I don’t think I’ve ever had blueberry pie…maybe we’ll have to have her make it again when I get home 😉

      Yeah, still no bear sightings, for which I am thankful!! Talk to you soon 🙂 love you!!


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