Cobalt Lake

Today I had the day off, and since I was pretty sure I didn’t work until 2 tomorrow, I thought, “Hey, I’ll go for a hike on the east side of the park, camp there, and then take the Going to the Sun Road back tomorrow.”

Luckily I checked my schedule before I left and discovered that I actually work at 11. So, instead of a camping retreat, I just drove an hour and a half to the Two Medicine area and hiked to Cobalt Lake.

Honestly, it wasn’t my favorite hike ever. It’s pretty, but not spectacular like so many of the hikes in Glacier are. Still, I think it was exactly the hike I needed to be on today. Just being outside, on a trail that wasn’t crowded and was full of my favorite wildflower (Indian Paintbrush) and shallow water crossings was perfect.


The whole hike was full of meadows like these.
Like a trampoline, but sketchier.
Rockwell Falls.


I also met another solo female hiker, which is always fun. She was probably a few years younger than me and starts work in the park on Monday. She’s headed to New Zealand in October for a year, so we chatted about that for a while. After she left, I ate my dinner and watched the lake for a while. A marmot crossed the creek and walked within 10 feet of me to nibble some bear grass.


Hello, friend!

It started raining just as it was time to leave. Luckily, I’d packed my warm jacket and leggings, and the rain was intermittent anyways so I didn’t get even a little uncomfortable. It did make the mountains look really cool with the shadows from the evening sun. It also gave me a great excuse to stop for hot chocolate on my way back home. Oh, darn πŸ™‚


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3 thoughts on “Cobalt Lake

  1. Andrea; Sounds like you were having a good hike, yesterday. It was nice to meet another young lady who was hiking, too, and that you could tell her about New Zealand. I watched a program Tuesday evening on the Smithsonian channel on New Zealand; it had the different points of interest, including the Hobbit sites. It is fresh peach season here, we had them for breakfast this morning…so good!
    Yesterday afternoon, seen the new home of Sean and Nina; a lovely home , they should be all moved in by today. Knox was giving Great Grandpa the grand tour and showed him all the special nooks and crannies. The girls were doing fine too, they had been with Grandma yesterday, which was nice! Elle was a little tired, it can be a bit of an adjustment for kids when moving. Well, have a great day!! We always enjoy hearing from you! Love!! Grandma and Grandpa M!


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